Tim Watkinson
Multimedia designer

Gauge Technology

Gauge Technology (Gauge-Tech) is a small company, founded in 2010 which provides bespoke and branded products to clients in the aluminium and steel industry.


Jargen offers cheap game server hosting and a range of other hosting solutions. This project included a fresh website and SEO enhancements.

Perceptions of science

This infographic outlines the perceptions of science in schools. Created as part of a Scientists in Sport campaign to raise awareness of science in education.


Advanced photo manipulation to include PhotoBox's latest winter styles of calendars and diaries.


Have you become reliant on technology? The Internet is formatted, your data will be lost. Short film.

Forest Fire

Young and lively couple explore the boundaries of life. With their relationship on the rocks, they argue, then start to chase each other in search for the true meaning of 'love'.

Interactive map

Created for GSK to show where the company has committed to reinvest 20% of profits back in to improving the healthcare infrastructure in the world's Least Developed Countries.